Frontend Developer

At Cerra we are creating a new platform and services designed to make it easier for companies to extract insights from data, and to connect companies needing assistance with data science experts. Data science can be beneficial across a wide spectrum of industries such as precision agriculture, networking, health care, and climate change just to name a few, but in many cases companies either don’t have the in-house experts or they are using a set of fragmented tools. Cerra is striving to make it easier for companies to leverage data science by building a platform that allows our users to rapidly prototype insight pipelines and then seamlessly move those insights into production with a single click.

As a Frontend Developer, you will collaborate with our close-knit team in myriad aspects of product development. You will be the prime person responsible for the definition, implementation, and roll out of a UI that will be used by a wide spectrum of users. Your achievements will directly impact our customers and their experience with the platform and services. The work is ambitious, stimulating, and evolving touching on multiple industries. An eye for detail, technical expertise, and a focus on our users will be critical as you transform ideas into tangible products people interact with everyday.

Expected qualities and skills:

First and foremost a passion and innate sense for great looking, functional User Interfaces, and hunger to learn new technologies and put them into the right use.

Specific skills desirable:

  • Angular and/or RXJS frameworks

  • React, redux, reactive programming

  • Typescript language

  • Modular styling with SASS/SCSS

  • Responsive UI, form-factor adaptive UI techniques

  • Compilation, packaging and build tools

  • Behavioral testing, TDD/BDD

  • Test automation frameworks and their pragmatic use

  • Familiarity with browser idiosyncrasies and how to pragmatically address them

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